There’s nothing quite like settling in with a good book. But for those who enjoy a little scare with their literature, audiobooks can be even better. After all, what could be more spine-tingling than having one of the scariest audiobooks narrated directly into your ear?

With no visual distractors, audiobooks create an immersive experience that can amplify the fear factor. And for some people, the absence of images can actually make the scariest scenes even more horrifying. So if you’re looking for a truly terrifying listening experience, be sure to check out some of the scariest audiobooks around. You may never listen to a horror story the same way again.

So, turn the lights out, put your headphones on and prepare to be terrified by the scariest audiobooks…

It by Stephen King (read by Steven Weber)

If you’re a fan of horror novels, the audiobook version of Stephen King’s It should definitely be on your must-listen list. Narrated by Steven Weber, the audio performance adds an extra layer of terror as Weber brings each character to life with distinct voices and emotions. The story follows a group of children who are haunted by an evil entity that takes the shape of a clown named Pennywise. As they face their own personal demons, they must also confront Pennywise and ultimately banish him for good.

It’s widely considered one of the scariest audiobooks out there, thanks in part to Weber’s chilling narration. If you have a habit of listening to audiobooks before bed, it might be best to save this one for daytime listening only. Trust us, you won’t want to fall asleep with images of Pennywise dancing in your head.

Ghost Stories by EF Benson (read by Mark Gatiss)

If you’re a fan of classic ghost stories, the audiobook Ghost Stories by EF Benson is definitely one to add to your list. Read by Mark Gatiss, known for his eerie performances in shows like “Sherlock,” these short stories are perfectly suited for late-night listens in the dark. This audiobook is a collection of 9 short ghost stories, each just as terrifying as the last!

Whether or not you typically enjoy audiobooks, Gatiss’s talented narration brings each tale to life, making this audiobook one of the scariest around. Overall, Ghost Stories is a must-listen for fans of ghostly tales told by candlelight.

Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher (read by Hillary Huber)

If you’re a fan of creepy, psychological thrillers, then Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher is the perfect audiobook for you. Narrated by Hillary Huber, the story follows protagonist Kara who has decided to move in with her uncle following the breakdown of her marriage which results in a divorce. However, her uncle’s house is full of mysteries. Kara finds a hole in the wall that leads to a bunker that has portals into terrifying places filled with monsters and magical creatures.

Huber’s chilling narration only adds to the fear and tension building throughout the novel, making it impossible to stop listening until its shocking end. Overall, Hollow Places is a gripping and haunting listen that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Harvest: The Bell Witch by Sara Clancy (read by John Pirhalla)

If you’re a fan of eerie, spine-tingling ghost stories, The Harvest: The Bell Witch by Sara Clancy should definitely be on your reading (or in this case, listening) list. Narrated expertly by John Pirhalla, the audiobook tells the story of the infamous Bell Witch who terrorized a Tennessee family for centuries.

Clancy’s writing expertly builds suspense and tension, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats as they follow a tale of a family trapped to play the witch’s game or face grave consequences. The story has extremely well-defined characters that are built up gradually and in a natural way. Overall, The Harvest: The Bell Witch is an engrossing listen and an excellent addition to any ghost story enthusiast’s collection.

Ghost Stories by Ron Ripley (read by John Pirhalla)

Another anthology of terrifying short stories and another incredible narration performance from John Pirhalla. Ron Ripley tells 8 tales that will leave you wanting to keep the lights on when you go to bed. One story will take you along with a treasure hunter who digs up a grave, and another a haunted room at a Bed and Breakfast that you might not leave alive.

Each story will catch you off guard with its shocking endings. If you’re a fan of Stephen King or Dean Koontz – these stories will be right up your street. Our only complaint is that each story could easily be its own book with a full story!

The Demonic by Lee Mountford (read by Hannibal Hills)

This audiobook should come with a warning as it is truly terrifying! The story follows Danni Morgan who is forced to return back to her childhood home that she ran away from when she was young. It’s a place with nothing but bad memories, but when her Father dies, she needs to return. Little does she know that a tremendous evil waits for her return, ready to put her life in danger.

This story is reminiscent of popular horror films like The Conjuring and Insidious. This audiobook will stay with you for a long time after finishing it. When you are listening to it, just remember to breathe, as there are some moments that will have you biting your nails.

The Haunting of Leigh Harker by Darcy Coates (read by Emily Woo Zeller)

The Haunting of Leigh Harker by Darcy Coates is a truly haunting audiobook. Emily Woo Zeller’s vocal performance is exquisite, and she brings the novel to life with her ethereal voice. The story follows Leigh Harker, who encounters her quiet suburban house turning into a haunted nightmare. A dark figure torments Leigh as she is in her bedroom. She is not ready to give up on her home and decided to face up to this evil spirit.

The audiobook is beautifully written and expertly narrated, and it will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a truly chilling ghost story.

Don’t Look Back: Fenton House by Ben Cheetham (read by Ralph Lister)

In “Don’t Look Back: Fenton House” by Ben Cheetham, readers are taken on a suspenseful journey as they follow Adam and Ella, a couple who are struggling to keep it together following the tragic death of their eleven-year-old son. In a turn of luck, they win a competition to live for free in an incredible mansion. The only question is – is it good luck or bad?

The mansion is haunted following the house’s original owner hanging himself from the house’s highest turret. However, Adam is not worried – he doesn’t believe in ghosts anyway. Do you? If you’re a fan of suspenseful audiobooks, “Don’t Look Back: Fenton House” is definitely one that you won’t want to miss.

Pet Sematary by Stephen King (read by Michael C. Hall)

The audiobook Pet Sematary by Stephen King is a chilling tale of love, loss, and the dangers of tampering with the natural order of life and death. Told from the perspective of Dr. Louis Creed, the story follows the Creeds as they move from Boston to a small town in Maine, where they discover an ancient burial ground that has the power to bring the dead back to life. At first, Louis is reluctant to use this power, but when his young son is killed in a tragic accident, he decides to give it a try. The results are horrifying, and Louis soon realizes that some things are better left dead.

Michael C. Hall’s narration is excellent, bringing both the tenderness and terror of King’s tale to life. Pet Sematary is a truly haunting story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

The Haunting of Ashburn House by Darcy Coates (read by Eva Kaminsky)

Rumours have always circled around Ashburn House. For the longest time, a woman called Edith lived there who didn’t let guests in and was rarely seen. When she dies, his only living relative, Adrienne inherits the property. Down on her luck, Adrienne jumps at the chance to move in. She doesn’t believe the ghost stories about the house. At least, she didn’t when she first moved in.

The Haunting of Ashburn House follows Adrienne as she uncovers the house’s dark secrets. With a slow burn start, this book quickly ramps up the crazy. It might just catch you off guard!

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson (read by Bernadette Dunne)

Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House has been captivating audiences for generations, and it’s easy to see why. The story is a masterful blend of suspense, terror, and psychological horror, and Jackson’s prose is beautiful and chilling in equal measure. Bernadette Dunne’s narration is the perfect complement to Jackson’s writing, bringing the characters and their stories to life with her vocal talent.

The Haunting of Hill House is a truly haunting experience and one that will stay with listeners long after they’ve finished the audiobook.

We’re All Lying by Marie Still

However, when she receives an email from her husband’s mistress, Emma, everything begins to crumble. The taunting email turns into stalking and eventually escalates into something much more dangerous. As Emma disappears and Cass becomes the prime suspect in the investigation, her dark secrets—including some she didn’t even know existed—threaten to destroy everything she has worked for.

Why can Audiobooks be so Scary?

Let me ask you a question. What is more terrifying: watching a scary movie or reading a horror book? Many people would say that movies are more visually stimulating and therefore more frightening. However, there is something to be said for horror audiobooks. Without the visual element, audiobooks force listeners to use their imaginations to create the scenes in their mind. And since everyone’s imagination is different, the results can be truly horrifying.

In addition, audiobooks create a feeling of isolation. When you are sitting in the dark listening to a book, it can feel like the characters are right there in the room with you. There is no escaping the fear. So if you are looking for a truly scary experience, I recommend giving horror audiobooks a try. You may be surprised at how frightened you can be.

How to make Audiobooks even Scarier

One way to increase the scares factor when listening to an audiobook is to be aware of the environment that you are in. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position before you start- you don’t want to be interrupted by having to move around too much. It’s important to be able to focus entirely on the story.

Once you’re settled, take a look around you and try to make the space as dark as possible. If it’s nighttime, close the curtains or wear a blindfold. If it’s during the daytime, turn off all the lights in the room except for one small lamp in the corner. You might also want to consider putting on headphones so that you can really immerse yourself in the story and block out any external noises. By setting the stage and being mindful of your surroundings, you can ensure that your experience listening to an audiobook is as spooky as possible!

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