About The Reading Lists

So what is this all about? Well, the Reading Lists is my passion project.  I think reading is incredibly important and it pains me that so many people don’t do it.  To be able to read is a true gift, a gift that a sizeable portion of the world’s population doesn’t receive.  My mission is to inspire more people to pick up great books and use them as the stepping stones they are to achieving huge success and having massive world impact.  I have chosen the assembly of reading lists as my vehicle for achieving my dream. I work very hard on keeping this site updated with amazing content, with a little help from my wonderful fiancee, Leah, who helps me keep the site looking pretty.

Why reading lists?

Reading lists are brilliant. Why? Well, because there are an awful lot of rubbish books out there.  The average lifespan in the UK right now is 81.5 years, let’s say you start reading when you turn 13, and you read one book a month for your whole life.  That is 822 books.  Sounds like a lot, right? It’s really not when you compare it to the estimated 129,864,880 books that exist in the world.  This means that you will only read approximately 0.0006% of the world’s books in your lifetime.  This cruel fact of life is what fuels my desire to filter those millions of books and discover the very best. It’s kind of like Pareto’s famous 80/20 rule, except that it is 129,864,880/822 – not as catchy, I suppose.

We all have people we aspire to, people who are leading the way in their area of passion.  Whether they be laugh-a-minute comedians, high flying entrepreneurs or life-changing authors, they all tend to have one thing in common; they read books.  From my experience, it’s extremely rare to find someone who has achieved great success without reading a great amount of books.  But now it’s time for these brilliantly wonderful people to give back, to share their wisdom.  What are the books that changed everything for them?  Which books have had the biggest impact on their success?  Well, I’ve decided to take on the mission of unearthing the world’s most inspiring, life-changing and important books.  How will I do this? I intend to go right to the source, the world’s most successful humans.  I will be interviewing amazing guests, and they will be compiling their own reading list.

Whose Reading Lists can we expect?

I’m incredibly excited by the wide spectrum of potential guests for the website.  I’m eager to pick the brains of the world’s most successful people.  If someone has achieved success in their field, then I will be there, badgering them to let me interview them.  I’m hoping to speak with entrepreneurs, philosophers, authors, musicians, athletes, investors, artists, psychologists and more.

If you have someone in mind who you think would be the perfect interview candidate, then please feel free to get in touch.  Scouring the world and reaching out to brilliant people is my new job now, so any help would be much appreciated!

Phil TreagusAbout me

My name is Phil, I’m the founder of this mission and the guy behind this website.  I am a huge book nerd, with an addiction for buying books faster than I can read them.  From when I was just a toddler throwing tantrums because my sister could read and I couldn’t, to my present-day addiction with my book collection – reading has always been important to me.  I’ve always believed that anything is possible because usually there is someone who has already done it – and often, they’ve written a book about it.  I hope to have some impact in the world in regards to both literacy and reading habits.