About The Reading Lists

So what is this all about? Well, the Reading Lists is a passion project.  We think reading is incredibly important and it pains us that so many people don’t do it.  To be able to read is a true gift, a gift that a sizeable portion of the world’s population doesn’t receive.  Our mission is to inspire more people to pick up great books and losing themselves in exotic worlds, learning complex lessons or perhaps just relaxing for a moment.  We work very hard keeping the site updated with amazing content, with a little help from Phil’s wonderful fiancee, Leah, who is a wedding photographer and helps me keep the site looking pretty.

Why Reading Lists?

Reading lists are brilliant. Why? Well, because there are an awful lot of books out there.  The average lifespan in the UK right now is 81.5 years, let’s say you start reading when you turn 13, and you read one book a month for your whole life.  That is 822 books.  Sounds like a lot, right? It’s really not when you compare it to the estimated 129,864,880 books that exist in the world.  This means that you will only read approximately 0.0006% of the world’s books in your lifetime.  This cruel fact of life is what fuels our desire to filter those millions of books and discover the very best. It’s kind of like Pareto’s famous 80/20 rule, except that it is 129,864,880/822 – not as catchy, I suppose.

Whose Reading Lists can we Expect?

We love the wide spectrum of guests we get to speak to for the website.  We’re eager to pick the brains of the world’s most awesome people.  We get to speak with entrepreneurs, philosophers, authors, musicians, athletes, investors, artists, psychologists and more. If you have someone in mind who you think would be the perfect interview candidate, then please feel free to get in touch.  Scouring the world and reaching out to brilliant people is our job now, so any help would be much appreciated!

The Team

Phil Treagus-Evans, Founder & Chief Editor

The founder of The Reading Lists is Phil.  A self-confessed book nerd, with an addiction for buying books faster than he can read them.  His belief that anything is possible because usually there is someone who has already done it – and often, they’ve written a book about it is what motivated him to set off on this mission. His full-time job is running a social media marketing agency, but he remains passionate about working evenings and weekends to help maintain the website and publish new content.

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