We’ve wanted to put together a reading list of the best books on dogs for a while, as we love them! Our four-legged friends have been a loyal companion to us humans since time immemorial. We as humans love to mimic and model ourselves on the important people in our lives, so it’s no surprise that dogs have become part of the family. Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures; they greet you with unconditional love when you arrive home after a long day, never ask for much in return, and can be trained to provide an array of services from helping with anxiety or depression to assisting those with physical disabilities. They offer us the warmth and comfort we seek in these chaotic times. Simply put—dogs make us feel loved, and that’s why we adore them so dearly.

Non-fiction books about dogs offer a unique insight into the life and psyche of man’s best friend. They cover topics ranging from histories of different breeds, responsible pet ownership and care, to accounts of how dogs have helped humans in war times, or saved lives as working animals. Moreover, these books often provide fascinating information on canine communication and behavior – which can help us better understand our furry friends. In short, reading non-fiction books about dogs brings us closer to all their amazing attributes, helping us fall even more deeply in love with them.

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know by Alexandra Horowitz

Alexandra Horowitz is a cognitive scientist and author who is known for her work on the cognitive and sensory abilities of dogs. She is a professor at Barnard College in New York City and the director of the Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab, where she conducts research on the mental lives of dogs and how they perceive the world around them. She has also contributed to various scientific journals and popular media outlets, sharing her insights on the behavior and cognition of dogs with a wide audience.

Learning about a dog’s cognitive and sensory abilities can be interesting for a number of reasons. For one, dogs are a common household pet and understanding more about how they perceive and think about the world can help us better understand and communicate with them. This can lead to stronger bonds between humans and their canine companions and potentially improve the overall welfare of dogs.

In addition, studying the cognitive and sensory abilities of dogs can also help us gain insights into the evolution of cognition and how it has adapted to different environments. Dogs and humans have a long history of co-evolution, and examining the cognitive abilities of dogs can provide clues about the cognitive abilities of our ancestors and how they may have interacted with the natural world.

Finally, studying the cognitive and sensory abilities of dogs can also be interesting from a purely scientific perspective. Dogs are complex animals with their own unique ways of perceiving and interacting with the world, and understanding more about these processes can help us better understand the nature of cognition and how it arises in different species.

The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib and Karen Shaw Becker

The Forever Dog: Surprising New Science to Help Your Canine Companion Live Younger, Healthier, and Longer is a book written by Rodney Habib and Karen Shaw Becker that explores the latest scientific research on how to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. The authors argue that many of the health problems that dogs experience as they age can be prevented or delayed through proper nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle interventions.

The book covers a range of topics related to dog health, including the benefits of feeding a raw, species-appropriate diet, the importance of regular exercise and mental stimulation, and the role of genetics in determining a dog’s lifespan. The authors also discuss the latest research on supplements, alternative therapies, and other interventions that may help improve the health and well-being of older dogs.

In addition to discussing the scientific evidence supporting these interventions, the authors also provide practical advice and recommendations for how to implement them in the daily care of a dog. They also include case studies and personal anecdotes from dog owners who have used these techniques to help their own dogs live longer, healthier lives. Overall, The Forever Dog is a comprehensive resource for dog owners looking to improve the health and longevity of their canine companions.

I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs by Francesco Marciuliano

I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs is a collection of humorous poetry written from the perspective of dogs. The poems are written by Francesco Marciuliano, who is a bestselling author and the head writer of the PBS children’s series SeeMore’s Playhouse.

The poems in the collection cover a wide range of topics and themes, all from the perspective of dogs. Some poems explore the everyday experiences of dogs, such as playing fetch, going for walks, and begging for food. Other poems delve into the inner thoughts and feelings of dogs, such as their love for their owners, their excitement at the prospect of a car ride, and their frustration at being left alone.

Throughout the collection, Marciuliano uses clever wordplay and humorous imagery to capture the unique perspective and personality of each dog. Overall, I Could Chew on This is a light-hearted and entertaining collection of poetry that will appeal to dog lovers and poetry enthusiasts alike.

The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs by Elias Weiss Friedman

“The Dogist” is a captivating book that celebrates the unique personality and spirit of dogs. Featuring stunning portraits of dogs taken by photographer Elias Weiss Friedman, also known as “The Dogist,” each page of the book presents a captivating and compelling image that will make you smile, laugh, and fall in love with the featured dogs.

The book is organized into themed sections such as Puppies, Cones of Shame, Working Dogs, and Dogs in Fancy Outfits, offering something for every dog lover to enjoy. Whether it’s the expressive eyes of a dog, its natural beauty, or the creative outfits its owner has chosen, the photos in this book will delight and inspire readers.

Dogology: The Weird and Wonderful Science of Dogs by Stefan Gates

In “Dogology,” Stefan Gates delves into the fascinating and often humorous world of canine science, answering some of the most intriguing questions about dogs. Through engaging and entertaining storytelling, Gates explores topics such as why dogs fart (but cats don’t), whether dogs feel emotions such as guilt, love, happiness, and jealousy, and how dogs are able to detect epilepsy, cancer, and human sadness through their sense of smell.

He also examines the mysterious inner workings of the canine mind, including whether dogs dream and what they might dream about, and provides insights into the unique way that dogs communicate through their tails and body language. Packed with fascinating facts and scientific revelations, “Dogology” offers a unique and enjoyable look at the inner lives of our furry companions.

What Dogs Want by Mat Ward and Rupert Fawcett

“What Dogs Want” is a helpful and entertaining guide to understanding your dog’s behavior and emotions. Written by internationally renowned pet behaviorist Mat Ward, the book uses illustrations and expert insights to explore the various ways that dogs perceive and experience the world, including their senses of sight, smell, and thought. Through this understanding, Ward helps readers learn how to train their dogs with love and encouragement, enabling them to feel comfortable and supported in their home environment.

Additionally, the book provides tips on how to help dogs overcome challenges such as separation anxiety and offers exciting new games and activities that encourage communication and bonding between humans and their canine companions. Overall, “What Dogs Want” is a valuable resource for any dog owner looking to give their furry friend a happy and fulfilling life.

The Dog’s Mind by Bruce Fogle

In “The Dog’s Mind,” Dr. Bruce Fogle examines the inner workings of the canine mind and how dogs perceive and experience the world around them. Fogle combines more than 20 years of practical experience as a veterinary clinician with the latest research on dog psychology to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the ways in which dogs see, hear, learn, and relate to their owners.

He also discusses the size and makeup of the canine brain, the emotions of dogs, and how to cope with stress in dogs. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience, Fogle offers a unique and informative look at the inner lives of dogs.

Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy by Zazie Todd

“Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy” is a comprehensive guide to understanding and improving the well-being of dogs. Written by respected dog trainer and social psychologist Zazie Todd, the book offers practical advice and recommendations based on the latest research and expert insights from veterinarians, researchers, and trainers. Whether you are training a new puppy, adopting a dog, researching breeds, or simply looking to better understand your own dog’s happiness and behavior, “Wag” has the answers you need.

With chapters on topics such as enrichment exercises, socialization and training, reducing fear and anxiety, and caring for aging dogs, this book is a valuable resource for any dog owner. It also includes expert interviews and a check list for a happy dog, making it a must-read for anyone looking to cultivate a rewarding and respectful relationship with their canine companion.

The Genius of Dogs by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

In “The Genius of Dogs,” Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods present groundbreaking insights into the intelligence and inner lives of dogs. Hare, a dog researcher and evolutionary anthropologist who is the founder of the Duke Canine Cognition Center, has made major breakthroughs in the field of cognitive science that have revealed the unique and genius-level social intelligence of dogs. His research has shown that dogs have a special ability to get along with people that is unparalleled in the animal kingdom, and that when they domesticated themselves around 40,000 years ago, they became much more like human infants than their wolf ancestors.

Hare’s work has taken him from tiny shelter puppies to exotic New Guinea singing dogs and has revolutionized our understanding of dogs and dog training. “The Genius of Dogs” is a must-read for anyone interested in the latest research on canine cognition and the inner lives of our beloved pets.

The Complete Dog Breed Book by DK

“The Complete Dog Breed Book” is a comprehensive guide to choosing and caring for a dog. Featuring over 420 dog breeds and stunning photographs of each breed from various angles, the book is a visually appealing and informative resource for anyone looking to add a canine companion to their family. The book includes Q&A selector charts to help readers find the best breed to suit their lifestyle, as well as in-depth profiles of popular breeds like the Boxer, Labrador Retriever, and English Springer Spaniel.

The book also provides practical advice on care and training, including handling, grooming, exercise, health, and basic obedience. With clear and concise text and step-by-step photographs, “The Complete Dog Breed Book” is a valuable resource for anyone looking to become the owner of a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution by Zak George and Dina Roth Port

“Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” is a comprehensive guide to training and caring for dogs, written by popular YouTube star and Animal Planet personality Zak George. In the book, George shares his unique approach to training, which emphasizes tailoring techniques to the individual traits and energy level of each dog, leading to quicker results and a happier pet. The book covers a wide range of topics, including choosing the right puppy, housetraining and basic training, handling behavioral issues like aggression and chewing, and providing essential health care.

It also includes tips on tricks, traveling with dogs, and activities to enjoy with your pet. To help readers see George’s advice in action, the book includes links to corresponding videos on his YouTube channel. Overall, “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” is a valuable resource for anyone looking to establish a strong and rewarding bond with their canine companion.

How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo Peltier

n “How to Raise the Perfect Dog,” Cesar Millan, the bestselling author and star of National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer,” offers practical and expert advice on raising a happy and healthy dog. Based on his own experiences and detailed knowledge of different breeds, Millan guides readers through the process of creating a well-balanced and positive environment for their dogs, from the early puppy years through adolescence.

The book covers topics such as housebreaking, nutrition, vaccination, obedience training, and avoiding common mistakes that can lead to behavior issues. With its focus on building a loving and fulfilling relationship with your pet, “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” is a valuable resource for any dog owner looking to create a harmonious and enjoyable life with their canine companion.

Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps by Mark Van Wye

“Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps” is a step-by-step guide to raising a happy and well-behaved puppy. Written by Mark Van Wye, the book combines positive reinforcement with the natural instincts of puppies to create a bond and facilitate learning. It covers a range of essential topics, including bringing a puppy home, crate and potty training, preventing food aggression, socialization, key commands, and leash walking.

In addition to providing practical guidance on training, the book also offers tips on preparing for a puppy and troubleshooting potential issues. With its beginner-friendly approach and focus on understanding the perspective of puppies, “Puppy Training in 7 Easy Steps” is a useful resource for anyone looking to raise a happy and well-behaved dog.

Dogs Who Serve: Incredible Stories of our Canine Military Heroes by Lisa Rogak

“Dogs Who Serve” is a book that celebrates the important role of military working dogs in the United States armed forces. Written by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Rogak, the book profiles these heroic dogs and their handlers in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. It covers their journey from puppyhood to training and through their careers in the field, as well as their retirement and adoption.

Featuring vivid, full-color photographs, the book showcases the devotion and respect shared between these amazing canines, their handlers, and fellow soldiers. “Dogs Who Serve” is a heartwarming tribute to military working dogs, as well as other dogs serving around the globe, and is sure to be enjoyed by dog lovers everywhere.

The History of the World in Fifty Dogs by Mackenzi Lee and Petra Eriksson

“The History of the World in Fifty Dogs” is an illustrated collection of stories about dogs that have witnessed historical events and played a role in shaping the world. From Martha, Paul McCartney’s Old English Sheepdog, to Peritas, Alexander the Great’s trusted companion, the book brings to life the stories of dogs that have played a part in human history.

Told in short, illustrated essays and interspersed with historical and canine factoids, “The History of the World in Fifty Dogs” explores the enduring bond between humans and their dogs, from ancient Egypt to the modern day. This book is a must-read for dog lovers and history buffs alike. Mackenzi Lee earned a BA in history and an MFA from Simmons College in writing for children and young adults.

Why do we Love Dogs so much?

There are many reasons why people love dogs. For some, it is the unconditional love and loyalty that dogs offer. Dogs are known for their ability to form strong bonds with their human companions, and they are often seen as faithful and devoted pets. For others, dogs provide a sense of security and protection. Many people find comfort in having a dog by their side, especially when they are alone or feeling vulnerable.

Dogs are also social animals, and they can provide companionship and a sense of belonging for their owners. Additionally, dogs can be great companions for children and can help teach them responsibility and empathy. Overall, the unique bond that dogs form with their human companions is a key reason why people love them so much.

How to Train your Dog

Reading books about dog training can be a helpful resource for learning how to train your dog. These books often provide detailed explanations of different training techniques, as well as tips and strategies for training specific behaviors. They may also include step-by-step instructions for training various commands, such as sit, stay, and come.

In addition to providing practical information, books about dog training may also include case studies or anecdotes that illustrate the principles of training in a real-world setting. This can be especially useful for understanding how to apply training techniques in a way that is tailored to your individual dog and their unique needs and personality. Overall, reading books about dog training can be a useful way to learn about different training approaches and to gain a better understanding of how to effectively train your dog.

How Does a Dog’s Mind Work?

A dog’s mind works in many ways that are similar to the human mind. Dogs are intelligent animals that are capable of learning, problem solving, and adapting to new situations. They are also able to form strong bonds with their human companions and other animals, and they have the ability to show a range of emotions, including love, happiness, fear, and sadness.

Like humans, dogs have a complex cognitive system that enables them to process and interpret information from their environment. They are able to use their senses (such as sight, smell, and hearing) to gather information about the world around them, and they are able to use this information to make decisions and respond to stimuli. Dogs are also able to learn through conditioning, which involves reinforcing or punishing certain behaviors in order to shape their actions.

Overall, the way that a dog’s mind works is complex and multifaceted, and it is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, environment, and past experiences. Understanding how a dog’s mind works can be helpful in training and caring for them, as it can provide insights into their behavior and needs.

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