A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful comedians.

alun cochrane

Alun Cochrane: Changed By Books

Comedians, Movies & TV

Alun Cochrane is a comedian who burst on to the scene by being nominated for the Best Newcomer award at the Perrier Awards for his first Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, My Favourite Words in My Best Stories, in 2004. He…

best books for aspiring comedians

Best Books For Aspiring Comedians


As a lover of stand-up comedy, I always love interviewing awesome comedians to learn which books have inspired their journey.  Standing up on that stage, tasked with creating laughter is a daunting prospect that would make most run a mile….

ahir shah

Ahir Shah: Controlling The Tide


Ahir Shah is an English political comedian. Ahir was nominated for the 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and was a finalist in the 2008 series of the So You Think You’re Funny? competition for new acts.  Ahir…

Jeff Kreisler

Jeff Kreisler: Suspension Of Disbelief


Jeff Kreisler is just a typical Princeton educated lawyer turned author, speaker, pundit, comedian and advocate for behavioural science. He uses humour & research to understand, explain and change the world.  Jeff Kreisler was the winner of the Bill Hicks…