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A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful fiction writers.

frances hardinge

Frances Hardinge: Be Stubborn & Read Widely

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Frances Hardinge is a British children’s writer, with her writing career starting after she won a short story magazine competition. Frances Hardinge studied English at Somerville College, University of Oxford and was the founder member of a writers’ workshop there. Her…

the greatest ever romance novels

The Greatest Ever Romance Novels

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I have been fortunate enough to interview a handful of really amazing authors from the romance genre.  An ever-popular genre that so many of us have a soft spot for, over $1 billion worth of romance novels are sold each…

The Best Fantasy YA Books

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The YA genre is booming, with more than double the number of books in that genre being published each year, than ten years before. One specific area that seems to be of particular popularity is fantasy YA books. I have…