A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

wes parham

Wes Parham: Reading List

Academic, Business, Non-Fiction Writers, Writers

Wes Parham MBA Ph.D. is a higher education professional and an Organizational Consultant at WEEW Consulting. Wes Parham is a national speaker in the areas of student development, organizational innovation, and organizational leadership. With his unique mix of social commentary,…

most important business books

The Most Important Business Books


I have now had the pleasure of interview numerous great minds from the world of business.  I know from my own experience as an entrepreneur that my thirst for great business books is one that can not be quenched.  It…

Peter Worley

Peter Worley: It’s About How You Think

Academic, Non-Profit, Philosophy

The Sentinel by A.C. ClarkePeter Worley is co-founder and co-CEO of multi-award winning charity The Philosophy Foundation, President of SOPHIA, and a Visiting Research Associate at King’s College London. Peter Worley has written and edited 7 books on doing philosophy in schools. His best-selling…

Itay Talgam

Itay Talgam: Expanding My Existence

Business, Creativity, Leadership, Music

Itay Talgam is an orchestral conductor turned into ‘conductor of people’ – be it in government, academia, business, education, therapy –  anywhere the creation of human harmony through cooperation is desired. Itay Talgam teaches leadership to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits…