A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful psychologists.

Henry Roediger

Henry Roediger: Another Reality

Academic, Psychology

Henry Roediger is a psychology researcher in the area of human learning and memory, working as a Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.  Henry Roediger rose to prominence for his work on the psychological…

barbara tversky

Barbara Tversky: The Worlds Opened By Reading

Academic, Psychology

Barbara Tversky is a Professor Emerita of Psychology at Stanford University and a Professor of Psychology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Barbara Tversky specializes in cognitive psychology. She is a leading authority in the areas of visual-spatial reasoning…

david Pizarro

David Pizarro: Ideas Come From Places You’d Never Expect

Academic, Psychology

David Pizarro is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Cornell University. His primary research interests are in moral judgment and emotion. David Pizarro is particularly interested in moral intuitions (especially concerning moral responsibility, and the permissibility or…