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The Best Books Of 2017

By Year

Another year worth of reading is drawing to a close and it’s time for our annual search for the best books of 2017.  With over 300 guests having now shared their reading lists with our website, we have reached out…

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Chigozie Obioma: A Relentless Quest For Knowledge

Fiction Writers

Chigozie Obioma is an award-winning Nigerian writer.  He is also an Assistant Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Chigozie Obioma has been dubbed ‘the heir to Chinua Achebe’ by the The New York Times.  In…

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Nicholas McCarthy: Look Ahead & Not Side To Side


Nicholas McCarthy is a concert pianist who was born without his right hand, and didn’t even begin playing piano until he was fourteen years old.  Having been told that he would never succeed as a concert pianist, Nicholas McCarthy didn’t…