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Lee Samantha: Reading For Inner Peace

Food & Drink

Lee Samantha is a Malaysian Mother and Food Artist who creates whimsical, colourful and healthy meals for her two young daughters. Lee Samantha started turning food into fun and unique artworks to help her eldest daughter eat independently and healthily back…

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Gary Mehigan: The Pleasure Of Feeding Others

Food & Drink

Gary Mehigan grew up on the South Coast of England, where he studied to be a chef at Highbury College of Technology.  After this, Gary left for London to take up his first full time position.  The restaurants that made…

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Daniel Cohen: A Plethora of Philosophical Reads


Although something of a philosophical novice, I have a reoccurring urge to explore it and seek to understand it.  So, whenever I get the chance to speak with a renowned teacher of philosophy, I jump at the chance.  Today’s guest…