marcel proust

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Angie Hobbs: Furnishing Our Imaginations

Education, Philosophy

Angie Hobbs is the Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield, a position which was created specifically for her.  Angie earned her degree in Classics and a PhD in Ancient Philosophy at New Hall, University…

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Benjamin Murphy: Unquestionably Important Reading

Art & Design

Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist who creates incredible artwork using only electrical tape.  Benjamin has created a wide range of work which is nothing short of remarkable.  Benjamin Murphy was born in Yorkshire, and began his art career at…

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Marion Nestle: A Feast of Books

Food & Drink

When you think of the world’s most famous foodies, one of the first names that come to my mind is Marion Nestle.  Which I suppose is why Forbes listed Marion as the number 2 most powerful foodie in the world….