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Phil Wang: Soft Hands, Hard Heart


Phil Wang is a British Malaysian stand-up comedian who is also a member of the sketch comedy group Daphne, as well as a co-creator of their popular BBC Radio 4 series, Daphne Sounds Expensive.  In 2010, Phil Wang won the 2010…

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David Papineau: Living By My Wits

Education, Philosophy

David Papineau was born in Como, Italy, and spent his childhood travelling around the world.  He attended schools in Trinidad, Lancashire and London, before spending twelve years in Durban, South Africa.  At the University of Natal, David Papineau studied mathematics…

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Benjamin Murphy: Unquestionably Important Reading

Art & Design

Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist who creates incredible artwork using only electrical tape.  Benjamin has created a wide range of work which is nothing short of remarkable.  Benjamin Murphy was born in Yorkshire, and began his art career at…