A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful writers.

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Mary Lambert: A Sharp Breath Inward

Music, Poetry

In 2012, Mary Lambert was working three restaurant jobs when her life changed. An aspiring singer-songwriter, cellist, spoken word artist, and newly graduated with a BA in music composition from Cornish College of the Arts, Mary Lambert had begun to…

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Jamie McDonald: Stories Empower Us

Non-Fiction Writers

Jamie McDonald is a world-record-holding adventurer, bestselling author, motivational speaker and co-founder of Superhero Foundation. As a child, Jamie McDonald spent the first nine years of his life in hospital with a rare spinal condition, syringomyelia. In 2012 Jamie began…

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Ellen Datlow: An Immediate Love For Reading

Fiction Writers

Ellen Datlow has been editing science fiction, fantasy, and horror short fiction for over thirty-five years as fiction editor of OMNI Magazine and editor of Event Horizon and SCIFICTION. In addition, she has edited more than a hundred science fiction,…