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A collection of all of our reading lists.

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The Best Books Of 2017

By Year

Another year worth of reading is drawing to a close and it’s time for our annual search for the best books of 2017.  With over 300 guests having now shared their reading lists with our website, we have reached out…

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Best Books For Aspiring Comedians

Comedy Compilations

As a lover of stand-up comedy, I always love interviewing awesome comedians to learn which books have inspired their journey.  Standing up on that stage, tasked with creating laughter is a daunting prospect that would make most run a mile….

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The Best Philosophy Books for Beginners

Philosophy Compilations

Bertrand Russell once said that ‘science is what you know, philosophy is what you don’t know’, and when it comes to philosophy – I don’t know nearly enough.  The vastness and occasional intangibility of the subject can make it feel…

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The Best Cookbooks for Beginners

Food & Drink Compilations

Everybody loves food, especially good food.  But making great food can be a tricky challenge.  We’ve all been there, we’ve watched an incredible chef whip a meal together in no time at all and we think we can do just…