A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful musicians.

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Harry Manx: Books for Internal Progress


Harry Manx is a popular musician from Canada who likes to cook up a melting pot of musical genres, including; blues, folk and Hindustani classic music.  He describes his music as having a ‘mysticssippi flavour’.  A multi-instrumentalist, Harry Manx plays…

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Henry Rollins: To Read is to Inhale

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I grew up listening to Henry Rollins, whether it was his work with Rollins Band or his vocals with his hardcore punk band, Black Flag.  If you had told me that I’d have an opportunity to interview the Henry Rollins one day, I wouldn’t…

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B. Dolan: Drugs, Dostoyevsky and the Bible


When I was younger, I was lucky enough to see Scroobius Pip perform at a local venue here in Portsmouth, England.  His support that night was B. Dolan, a rapper from Rhode Island.  He came on to the stage and…