A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful writers.

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Meredith Russo: Books for Building Empathy

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Meredith Russo was born and raised, and lives in Tennessee, United States.  Meredith has recently released her first book, If I Was Your Girl, which has received incredibly positive feedback.  The story was partially inspired by Meredith’s own story and experiences as…

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Bernard Cornwell: Enough Books to Sink a Boat

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Bernard Cornwell, OBE, is best known as an author of novels about the Napoleonic Wars, in particular the tales of his most famous character, Richard Sharpe.  Bernard has authored five series of historical novels, and a further series of contemporary  thriller novels….

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Eileen Cook: Destined to be Author

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Eileen Cook is a wonderful author who’s multiple novels have been published in eight different languages.  On top of this, her books have also been option for film and TV, so stay tuned for that!  Her latest book, With Malice has…