A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful photographers.

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Joel Grimes: Talent is Overrated


Joel Grimes is an artist who works primarily as a photographer.  For more than 26 years, Joel has worked for many of the world’s top advertising agencies.  Joel Grimes has visited every state in the USA, and over 50 countries…

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Joel Robison: Real Exposure to Creative Thinking


Joel Robison is an incredibly talented fine art photographer, originally from Canada – but currently residing in the United Kingdom.  He has been creating and sharing his conceptual portraiture for the last 7 years, and has a strong interest in…

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Ben Yew: His Passionate Journey of Exposure


Ben Yew, founder of Ben Yew Photography, is a destination wedding photographer who has captured those precious days in Italy, France, New Zealand, Bali and Iceland – to name just a few!  Ben has a wonderful way of describing what…