A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful photographers.

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Michael Pitts: The Intensity Of Filmmaking


Michael Pitts is one of Britain’s foremost underwater camera people, having worked on numerous projects around the world.  He is also equally adept at shooting on the surface of even from the air. Michael Pitts has been recognised with a…

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Laura Helena: A Life Full Of Adventures


Laura Helena is an independent photography and photography trainer, based in Germany and Switzerland.  Laura Helena has gained wide spread interest across social media for her wonderful work, as well as her educational aspirations.  Her focus is on delivering insightful workshops…

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Maxine Helfman: Take The Time To Find Your Style


Maxine Helfman is a self-taught photographer who made the jump from stylist and photo art director, to actually getting behind the camera and realising her vision.  Since that transition, Maxine Helfman has been shooting commercially for advertising and editorial clients….