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Niki Nakayama: Books to Help Keep you Sane

Food & Drink

Chef Niki Nakayama began her career working at the renowned Takao restaurant in Brentwood, California.  Determined to explore new techniques, Niki set out on a three year adventure, where she would work her way through Japan, whilst experiencing an eclectic mix…

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Richard Betts: An Italian Born Passion for Wine

Food & Drink

Richard Betts is the founder and winemaker at his company, My Essential Wine.  Richard discovered his love of wine whilst travelling in Italy, stating that he fell in love with the country’s dining tradition and created what would become the slogan…

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Simon Majumdar: Go Everywhere, Eat Everything

Food & Drink

Simon Majumdar is a man after my own heart, he has dedicated the second half of his life to achieving his ambition to ‘Go Everywhere. Eat Everything’.  His journey has led him all the way across the United States of…

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Marion Nestle: A Feast of Books

Food & Drink

When you think of the world’s most famous foodies, one of the first names that come to my mind is Marion Nestle.  Which I suppose is why Forbes listed Marion as the number 2 most powerful foodie in the world….