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naomi duguid

Naomi Duguid: Trying To Understand The World

Food & Drink

Naomi Duguid is a food writer and photographer, based in Toronto.  She has also co-authored six wonderful cookbooks that have helped people cook great food all over the globe.  In 2012, Naomi Duguid released her first solo publication, entitled Burma:…

ching he huang

Ching He Huang: Books For Transforming Lives

Food & Drink

Ching He Huang is an International Emmy nominated TV chef and cookery author, who has positioned herself as a global ambassador of Chinese cooking.  Ching experienced much in the world in her childhood, having been born in Taiwan and then…

peter attia

Peter Attia: In Search of Still Water

Food & Drink, Science

Peter Attia is the founder of Attia Medical, PC, a medical practice that operates out of San Diego and New York City.  There is a focus on the applied science of longevity and optimal performance, applying nutrition science, lipidology, four-system…

ken hom

Ken Hom: Living in the Best of Times

Food & Drink

Ken Hom is a celebrity chef who travels the world endlessly, educating the world on producing wonderful food, whether that be via his television appearances or his fantastic books.  Ken Hom was born in 1949 in Tucson, Arizona to Cantonese…