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A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful artists.

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Ben Newman: The Scenic Route

Art & Design

Ben Newman is a children’s illustrator who combines a contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colours and playful characters.  He has worked for a wide range of clients, including The Tate Modern, The New York Times, BBC Radio 4, Google and The New Yorker.  Ben Newman’s…

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Michael Cheval: Books for Becoming a Harmonised Person

Art & Design

Michael Cheval is known as the world’s leading contemporary artist.  He specialises in Absurdist paintings and portraits, and wonderfully describes absurdity as ‘an inverted side of reality, a reverse side of logic’.  Michael Cheval was born in 1966 in a…

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Ian Francis: Books for our Strange World

Art & Design

Ian Francis is an artist who lives and works in Bristol, England.  He received his BA in art and illustration in 2001 from the University of the West of England.  I was excited to learn about the books behind his incredible…