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A collection of compiled reading lists by some of the world’s most successful artists.

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Louis Masai: Making A Living By Having Fun

Art & Design

Louis Masai is a painter known for his incredible public murals of animals.  Louis grew up living above his parent’s restaurant, and can remember doing his art homework in his Dad’s studio, who was also a keen painter.  Louis Masai…

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Alan Becker: Finish What You Start

Art & Design

Alan Becker became internet famous while he was still in high school.  In 2006, Alan created the now famous Animator vs Animation video which went viral, and has now amassed over 20 million views.  Quickly, he became in hot demand…

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Benjamin Murphy: Unquestionably Important Reading

Art & Design

Benjamin Murphy is a visual artist who creates incredible artwork using only electrical tape.  Benjamin has created a wide range of work which is nothing short of remarkable.  Benjamin Murphy was born in Yorkshire, and began his art career at…